Aug 22, 2017

La Vuelta: Sharing the podium with a cow

Larry Warbasse, aka Captain America for the first Irish-based team, Aqua Blue
to ever race a grand tour.

"It was a big moment for the team, and everyone was very excited to start the Vuelta. The team staff was almost more nervous than the riders were."
- Larry Warbasse

Aug 20, 2017

On to Mexico!

Giuseppe Marinoni's record hour record fell short. 38.334km, 323m short off the record but he'll try again... in Mexico!

Aug 18, 2017

Friday File: Thereabouts, La Vuelta, Marinoni's Record Attempt

Gus and Lachlan Morton searching in the Outback

It's comforting feeling after watching Thereabouts. A unique movie on why to ride sort of metaphor for all riders to reach back for the reason we all ride. A back to basics road ride film by Gus and Lachlan Morton. Two Aussie professional riders and brothers who have a unique take on the beautiful art of riding. I admit this is my first watch of this doc and left wanting more. I found it inspirational and motivational and riding miles really clear your head. A therapeutic balm. 

I scoured online and discovered that the Lachlan brother's have two more Thereabouts adventure docs. The second in the US and third in Colombia. I could only find #2 and here is the link, worthy to watch. I hope to find Thereabouts 3 and will post it subsequently. 


(co starring: Cameron Wurf and Taylor Phinney)

Special cheer for Lachlan Morton who will line up tomorrow in Nimes...

Federico Bahamontes The Eagle of Toledo, circa 1962-65
KoMs 1957, 1958. 3 stages: 1955-1965

Tomorrow at 3 EDT, Mattamy National Cycling Center, Milton ON...

Forza Marinoni!

Aug 15, 2017

Forza Grizzly

Esteban Chaves calls Svein Tuft, 'Grizzly' from last year's Giro d'ltalia (see above) and for good reason. Svein Tuft ponies up and re-signs for Orica-Scott for 2018. He's a 10-time Canadian national time trial champion and is the oldest rider in the WorldTour. At 40 years old, he'll line up for the 72nd Vuelta to help the Australian team win the stage 1 the TT in Nimes, France. That will be his seventh season with Orica helping Esteban Chaves finished second in the 2016 Giro d'ltalia.

Sveino, 40 yrs young, 2017 Giro d'ltalia
photo: Tim De Waele

"Helping the young guys excel and learn gives me a great satisfaction. As the team has been changing, I've also been adapting and growing and I still have things to learn. I enjoy this process and it keeps you young as a rider."
- Svein Tuft

Orica Scott will bring along their big three for Saturday's Vuelta: The twins; Adam and Simon Yates and Esteban Chaves. If the stars line up right one of them or best all three can challenge for the podium. The two engines will help pull them Sam Bewley and Svein Tuft. Deeper still in the mountains the team will rely on Jack Haig and Carlos Verona. And puncheurs Chris Juul-Jensen and Magnus Cort (2 stage wins, 2016 Vuelta) will complete a powerful Orica-Scott squad. Could this be the year for Orica-Scott to pull off their first Grand Tour victory? It will be difficult but I wouldn't bet against them!

Aug 13, 2017

1983 Vuelta a Badger

The winning Badger and the soon to become Professor, 1983 Vuelta a Espana.

Bernard Hinault won the climb to Puerto de Serranillos that cemented his second Vuelta. It wasn't easy for the Badger for he had to battle against Spanish riders; Marino Lajarreta (2nd), Alberto Fernandez (3rd) and Alvaro Pino (4th). On the climb to Puerto de Serranillos he aggravated his knee developing tendinitis and unable to ride that year's Tour. His trusted teammate, the relatively unknown Laurent Fignon would go on and win the 1983 Tour de France.

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